I was a bit skeptical about using this service, but after reading several of the review, I felt compelled to give it a try. so i placed a call, spoke with Pablo the technician, he gave me a time window when he will arrive, he was on time and i didn't have to wait to long. He check out my old Maytag dryer, he was familiar with with dryer. He checked the problem and resolved it with no delay and the price was reasonable. I personally was impress. I'll definitely keep his number for any future issue i would have with any appliance in my home. There should be more people like this in the market. M O.
Middle Vlg, NY
I messaged him through Yelp and he responded right away; within just a couple of hours, he was at my apartment repairing my refrigerator. He was up front with the cost, quick with the service, and very nice! Elena G.
Jackson Heights, NY
I called Pablo after my diligent research on Yelp. Pablo picked up on my first try and was very polite. He assessed my tenant's fridge problem and decided not to charge any service fee because he did not feel right doing so since the problem was pretty straight forward (the damper air control kit needed to be replaced). He told my tenant to call Electrolux directly for the replacement kit.

As it turned out, Electrolux referred my tenant to Dial Appliance (please see my review there) for the service call. I ended up having a horrible experience with Dial, so I called Pablo back for his professional opinion. Pablo was very honest and told me not to invest anymore money into my tenant's 12-year old fridge because this model tends to be problematic. He did not have to go the extra mile for me (especially when he did not even charge me for the initial assessment), but he did it because he stands right by his business ethics. Although my experience with Pablo was limited to our phone conversation..he left a lasting impression on me. If I ever needed any appliance consultation, I will definitely reach out to Pablo first. I highly recommend him as your first choice for appliance issues. Cindy W.
New York, NY
Pablo was very professional and polite. He was in and out quickly. My oven is fixed and ready for thanksgiving Moira S.
New York, NY
Highly recommend Pablo! We had used him twice to fix out tenant's refrigerator and a few months later he came to fix the oven's ignitor. Pablo is very professional and courteous. Linda N.
Ridgewood, NJ
Awesome service! Pablo was very courteous and honest. Got an appt. the same evening I called and had the fridge running in no time. Will definitely recommend his service. Daniel Z.
Orlando, FL
Can I say amazing customer service? I called in anxiousness after the sears repair guy did absolutely nothing. Though he openly told me he can't help fix a LG stove, he went out of his way to see if he can even try. I can't be any more appreciative! I thought my gas stove had a leak and Pablo offered to come see it and replace the hose. Later I find out it wasn't my beloved stove but rather a wall pipe error and called to postpone the appointment, he was totally cool about it. He is the definition of great customer service with genuine concern. Sahina I.
Flushing, NY
Let me start by saying the Pablo was the first person out of 9 to call me back and he did so in less than 5 minutes. He asked a few questions and then gave me a two hour window. He arrived within the first half hour and even gave me a heads up that he was on the way. Upon arrival he inspected the refrigerator and immediately recognized the issue. He had already come prepared with the parts and got right to work. He explained everything that could be wrong and the costs associated with each possible issue. About an hour later the issue was fixed and all was great.

A key aspect I would like to point out is the value you will get. He could have charged me for work that did not need to be done and I would be none the wiser but he didnt. He was honest and his integrity is intact. It just so happened that the cheapest option to fix my issue was the one I needed and he didnt inflate the charges. If you are looking for reliable service, honest business practices and just a good guy to help you out Pablo is your guy. Michael L.
Astoria, Queens, NY
Pablo is such a nice person, he's very personable. His prices are great,u need to call him I am very happy I found him here on Yelp Diane S.
South Ozone Park, NY
Late Appliance Repair is the best. I called on Thursday evening and got an appointment for Saturday afternoon. Pablo, the owner, showed up on time and quickly repaired my oven. I will definitely call him again if I need any other appliance repairs. He's the best. Lori K.
Forest Hills, NY
I chose to wait for this guy to be available because i wanted only the best in the biz and he dint disappoint. Honest, professional, efficient and effective...also gave me some excellent suggestions on upkeep! Look no further frustrated appliancer...pablo is the way to go. Credit cards get surcharged so have cash ready just in case. Willip C.
Flushing, NY
Pablo is awesome! My LG dryer stopped heating once again, it had been only working on the cotton towels setting for the previous year, and then it just stopped heating all together. I was convinced I needed to get a new dryer because mine is about 10 years old, but I decided to give it one last shot before I spent another $1500 on a dryer. Pablo came over, and went straight to work, what he found was absolutely unbelievable. He removed the drum, and there was so much lint and dust that it was scary, and quite dangerous considering my machine is gas powered. He did a thorough cleaning and maintenance, and his price was reasonable. He is the ONLY guy I will call from now on to fix my appliances. Finally, I found someone I can trust who knows his machines! May A.
Long Island City, NY
Believe the stellar Yelp reviews! Pablo has been saving our appliances for over a year now. I found him on Yelp and he answered on the first ring came out to fix a busted refrigerator in Brooklyn. It was easy to get an appointment, Pablo was efficient and affordable.

When my cousin needed someone to fix her refrigerator, I didn't hesitate to give her his number. He saved her a ton of money, getting a few years more life out of her unit.

A few weeks ago, I was concerned about two stoves in my rental apartments, so I called Pablo and got an appointment the very same day. He even shared a referral to an awesome boiler guy! I'm happy with both companies.

Excellent customer service. You'll be glad you hired him.
Natalie G.
Springfield Gardens, NY